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About Web SEO Master


Web SEO Master is a group of creative thinking enthusiasts who operate as equal partners, each highly skilled in the specific categories. Our ideology is founded on exceptionally high ethical and moral standards, and our objective is to form a long term partnership with clients that will benefit both parties.

  • Ned Hamzic - Front-end designer, graphic designer, UI expert
  • Bryan Lazaroff - WordPress designer & developer, internet, PPC and social media marketing expert
  • Ron Legarski - Internet marketing and SEO
  • Aaron Jay Lieberman - Software and back-end application developer


Web SEO Master’s SEO techniques are the things that set Web SEO Master apart from any other company. While other companies do SEO, they cannot do it the way we do – they cannot produce the myriad of web pages and sites, each loaded with your target key words and unique content. So another company may offer you SEO in the form of a domain name to drive traffic to your website with 5-10 pages of content with fake hits or pay per click, each page loaded with your key words. We do the same thing, but with multiple websites with geo targeted unique pages, each with relevant and targeted content. This process is so state of the art that we are patenting it.

Web SEO Master is a website software integration and solutions company that performs Website Design, Development, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing to enhance your sales. We incorporate state of the art design and development tools, and proprietary software and marketing techniques to market your website to your customers and clients on the World Wide Web. Web SEO Master has combined its unique features to make your website development and marketing experience “Faster, Cheaper and Better” than what you might encounter with other website development companies.