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What is the Best Approach?

Before anything, it is very important to consider which keywords or key phrases would you like to be found on the internet. By using some of the most advanced keyword analysis tools we will help you choose the most prominent keywords in your industry that will guarantee a success later on. Based on these keywords, we will suggest the domain name registration. This is one of the most important steps in this stage of the project

In most cases your website is the only thing your prospect will ever get to see about your company, so needless to say it's very important to get the details worked out properly. By carefully choosing the graphics, colors and page layout, we can make the website appealing to a specific demography of audience that will find it attractive and worth visiting

In general, the website design programs generate the code that often very long and filled out with elements that are unnecessary and nearly 'illegible'. The search engine spider bots have difficulties finding the relevant HTML tags in such code and these pages don't get indexed properly. At Web SEO Master, the code is always custom and hand written for the better SEO. The pages we create are easy to read from the front and back and they get indexed by search engine in record time.

Web SEO Master has put together an experienced professional team with over 30 years of professional website design and development experience. We can perform one or all of the following tasks for you, some of which, no other website developer can do. Web SEO Master takes an artistic approach to the design of your website by employing artists to design it, and uses customer friendly processes and state of the art development tools to design and develop your website in a timely and cost effective manner. Our who are knowledgeable in all of the most popular applications and platforms:

  • PHP
  • PERL
  • ASP
  • Cold Fusion
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • MS Access
  • Java
  • Java Script
  • SQL & MySQL
  • AJAX
  • Jquery

One of the most important elements of this phase of the project is to ensure the code validity. At Web SEO Master, we use the www.w3.org validators to verify the code accuracy before completing any project.